About the blog

“Welcome to New

Better Living – a website

with simple tips to help aspirers

keep pursuing their goal when

they feel like giving up.”



• Be able to understand what is holding you back in life.
• Be able to understand your own limiting beliefs.
• To better understand what direction to start.
• Understand how to get yourself unstuck fast & find purpose.

Hello.  I’m Ricardo Ortiz a clinical psychotherapist, growing writer and entrepreneur. The purpose of this blog is help you become the best person you can be through self-development, motivation, inspirational thinking and doing despite all the odds against you. I am here to motivate the underdog. For he can also be at the top.



The essence of my philosophy is this:

1. I believe everyone deserves a happy life.
2. Everyone has a purpose in life.
3. Spirituality is a strong element for living a meaningful life.

In short, I’m interested in #motivation #selfdevelopment #inspiration #purposeliving #selfimprovement.



I am Ricardo Ortiz Chavez. I hold a bachelors in psychology from The University of California Santa Cruz and a masters in Family Therapy from UNIVA Mexico . I am Currently residing in Mexico and working at a private clinic treating people from addictions, alcoholism, existential crisis and spiritually.

My goal is to be a teacher and example for many and help them live their best life ever.








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