3 Rules For Addressing Extreme Laziness Successfully

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“Welcome to Ricardo Ortiz’s Page – a website with simple tips to help you keep pursuing your goal and become more productive when you feel you’re loafing in life.”


Why should you read this blog?

Plain and simple it’s a page for unmotivated people with goals and dreams to find inspiration to take action.

But, here’s the long version:

I will share with you the mental tools you need to become more productive and successful in life. Many of us have dreams and goals but how come we end up procrastinating, loafing or delaying them in life? Or feeling unmotivated. So, my goal is to help you be effective and start taking action now.

About Me

  • Ricardo Ortiz Chavez Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • 10+ Yrs. Practicing Clinical Psychotherapy
  • Personal development writer
  • Motivational Interviewing coaching skills




The essence of my philosophy is this:

All of us have dreams and goals and it’s hard for us who have emotional or mental obstacles in life to achieve our desires. I am here to teach you how to overcome those obstacles especially for those who delay their goals knowing they are beneficial to them. Build the life you deserve today!


In short, I’m interested in helping unmotivated people with goals take action. #motivation #selfdevelopment #inspiration #purposeliving #selfimprovement.



I am Ricardo Ortiz Chavez. I hold a bachelors in psychology from The University of California Santa Cruz and a masters degree in Systemic Family Therapy from UNIVA.

My goal is to inspire unmotivated people to take action.






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